Privacy Policy for the Surveillance of COVID-19 Situation of The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and The RBSC Polo Club

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The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and The RBSC Polo Club (the “Club”) as the owner of the premises are obligated under the Disease Protection Act to notify the authority in case there is any suspicion of any person who is defected to COVID-19 disease. Therefore, the Club would like to inform anyone who visited the Club that the Club would need to collect the temperature and health information of you in order for the Club to fulfill the legal obligations that the Club have by adopting the temperature detecting camera. The Club, however, represent and undertake that the Club shall use the best standards of care in implementing the appropriate information security measures of the information so collected and those information shall be destroyed every 15 days in case that there is no suspicion. The information being collected shall not be disclosed to any person, except specifically and exclusively in the case that you meet the suspicious criteria and the Club shall be obligated to inform and share your information with the relevant authority.

Should you have any query in relation to this Privacy Policy or would like to exercise any of your rights as the data subjects under the applicable laws, including the right to request for access, to request for the copy, right to object to any data processing, request for data portability or any right to be forgetten once there is no remaining necessity for the information retention, pleae feel free to contact us at email: