Martial Arts

Located on the 4th floor of the RSC building, Martial Arts section offers various activities and classes such as self-defense; competition; physical, mental, and spiritual development; and entertainment. 

We are continuously looking for Members to join our Section. Please contact the Sports Division to be introduced to the RBSC Martial Art Section.

Operating hours:

Tel : 02-028-7272 ext. 1307

Martial Arts Committee

ChairmanKhun Toon Mahadumrongkul
Hon. SecretaryKhun Tazapong Rosapitak
Hon. SecretaryKhun Shua-Shard Vongsawad
Committee MemberKhun Wijak Lertprasertpakorn
Committee MemberKhun Jongjet Vacharanan

Martial Arts Instructors

Pongphat Taisakullthip (Terk)Aikido085-113-3043
Thongchai Boontasorn (Thongchai)TaeKwonDo084-455-1108
Benjawan Bhongbhibhat (Oey)KungFu086-016-7982
Parichat Lorcharoentungroj (Kim)Tai Chi081-754-4900

Martial Arts Room :