By 1961, Golf had become one of the biggest sports sections, with some six hundred men and around a hundred women players. The formation of the first Ladies’ Golf Subcommittee in 1948 was followed by monthly tournaments. By the early seventies, more than two hundred players were regularly involved. An eighteen-hole golf course is located at the RBSC.

We are continuously looking for Members to join our Section. Please contact the Sports Division to be introduced to the RBSC Golf Section

Operating hours:

Ladies’ Golf (with handicap) tee-off times:

Ladies’ Golf (without handicap) tee-off times:

Driving Range:

Tel : 02-028-7272 ext. 1310
Golf Starter ext. 1329, 1330



Golf Committee

Captain, Green and Fair waysKhun Supasith Sima-aree
1st Vice Captain, CompetitionKhun Pimuk Simaroj
2nd Vice CaptainKhun Pracha Sivasiamphai
Handicaps/Rules, Jr.Programme/Teaching ProDr. Tonphong Kaewkongka
Interports/IntraportsKhun Chawalit Chanarat
Caddies, StartersPol. Col. Sinard Ajhanwong
Golf Driving Range/StorageKhun Chatchawin Tangjaitrong
EntertainmentKhun Sudhisak Bamrungtrakun
FinanceKhun Athikom Xanthavanij
PublicityKhun Parkpoom Svetasobhana
AdvisorKhun Suvir Sachdev
AdvisorKhun Soratat Rojanasoonthon
AdvisorDr. Ketchayong Skowratanaont
AdvisorKhun Attapong Thammapala