Located on the Mezzanine Floor of the RSC Building, we provide 24 tables for players in a nice, large, and air-conditioned room.

We are continuously looking for Members to join our Section. Please contact the Sports Division to be introduced to the RBSC Chess Section

Operating hours:

Tel : 02-028-7272 ext. 1309, 1322


Chess Committee

ChairmanKhun Suthep Pongkiatikul
1st Vice-ChairmanKhun Krirk Vanikkul
2nd Vice-ChairmanKhun Vutichai Honglumphong
Hon. SecretaryKhun Isra Taulananda
Hon. TreasurerKhun Yote Chusoipin
Committee MemberKhun Banthit Chankanit
Committee MemberKhun Phassakorn Charoenmechaikul
Committee MemberKhun Wadhana Jetjirawat
Committee MemberKhun Arthit Suriyabhivadh
Committee MemberKhun Piyaworn Chankanit