Privacy Notice for the Proposer / Seconder

The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and The RBSC Polo Club

The Membership Committee of The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and The RBSC Polo Club would like to inform you that in order for the Committee to consider and process with the application that you have been listed as the Proposer and/or the Seconder in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in the membership application and acceptance, the Club and the Committee would need to process some personally identiable information of you; therefore, please kindly study this Privacy Notice. The Club hereby confirms with you that the Club respect your privacy and commits to keep all of the personally identifiable information pursuant to security standards and the Club shall only use your information specifically for the defined purposes which are in strict compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.

By the submission of your information in the Proposer and/or the Seconder, the Club shall deem that you have accepted this Privacy Notice.

Process and Disclosure of the Personally Identifiable Information

The personally identifiable information that you have kindly provided to the Club shall be processed specifically and solely for the purpose of qualification check and assessment of the relevant candidate; provided in some circumstnaces, your personally identifiable information may be disclosed to the other members for their acknowledgement and information pursuant to the defined Membership Charter.

Contact for the exercise of Data Subject Rights

As long as your personally identifiable information are retained and possessed by the Club, in case you would like to exercise your rights as the data subject of those identifiable information, including the right (i) to get access, (ii) to request for the copy, (iii) to update those information,(iv) to object to any data process, (v) to request for data portability; or (vi) to delete those information in case there is no further legal basis or necessity for the process of your information, please feel free to contact the Club at email: