Visitor’s Privacy Policy of

The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and The RBSC Polo Club

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The Royal Bangkok Sports Club and The RBSC Polo Club (the “Club”) would like to inform you as the visitors to the premises of the Club that the Club has installed the CCTV system within the vicinity of the Club and has deployed the body camera on the Club’s personnel who has been designated specifically by the Club for the purpose of preserving and ensuring the safety and security of the premises and all the visitors. It should be noted that once the body camera is on and in operation, the designated personnel will show his identity card and show the signal that indicates that the camera is on. In the operation of the camera both in CCTV and body camera, the facial image of the visitor may be collected.

In addition to the facial image being collected, the Club would need to collect the details of the visitors (i.e. name, nationality, telephone number, car registration plate and other details of the visits) and collected the identification card or other identity evidence of the visitor. All of these processes are intended to keep the security and safety of the premises and all the visitors.

Your identification card or identity evidence will be returned to you once you have left the premises while the records of the CCTV and body camera as well as the visitors’ registration form shall be stored for the period of 30 days. The Club shall not disclose any of your personally identifiable information to anyone, except in particular in the circumstance where the Club is required under the applicable laws or administrative orders to do so or in the circumstance where the Club would need to disclose those information to the third party with an aim to preserve and protect the legitimate interest and rights of the Club in particular cases.

The Club represent and undertake to use and adopt the standards in information security to assure the security and confidentiality of your information to meet the standard prescribed under the applicable laws.

In case of you have any query in relation to the Visitor’s Privacy Policy or you would like to exercise any of the rights that you as the data subject may have under the applicable laws, including the right to request for access, copy, revision, object to any process or data portability or the deletion of data upon the end of any necessary reason, please feel free to contact us at email: