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The RBSC Young Committee: The Club’s Future!


The Young Committee (YC) was first initiated by the former Club Chairman, Khun Kittipong Decha-Umphai, in October 2020, with an aim to increase young member participation at the Club. This initiative has been carried on by the current Chairman, Dr. Karoon Chandrangsu, and the General Committee.

Our Youth

The YC comprises of 12 talented and enthusiastic young members who have volunteered to provide new objectives and ideas to grow younger member participation. They bring new perspectives into the Club by creating various activities and projects aimed at the engagement of new and future generations to come. 


CLOUD Co-Working Space
Located on the 2nd floor of the RSC building, the CLOUD Co-Working Space provides members with an energetic cafe environment to relax, work and meet other members, among other interests. Initiated and designed with the help of the YC, CLOUD has become one of the most popular spots for youngsters and also members from all generations to sip a good cup of coffee and enjoy a cozy working area equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and connectivity.

120th Anniversary Souvenir & Logo
With sales of the exclusive 120th Souvenirs to celebrate the Club’s Anniversary almost being sold out, all original designs were developed and submitted by the YC under the supervision of the General Committee. With an outstanding talent in product design and art production, the YC played a key role in supporting souvenir sales and marketing planning.

Recently officially opened in December 2022, 1901 at the Sports Pavilion is a new bar that the Club is proud to host. Inspired by the year of the Club’s establishment, the YC helped gather key elements to make this featured bar a special spot for club members and their guests. Strong input on the design and menu was received from the YC and will continue to have their oversight for activities and offerings into the future. To mark the special occasion of the grand opening, the YC was instrumental in organizing and making the event a memorable one.

Moving Forward

With the recently appointed YC in 2022, the new team has come with new energy to help drive several projects, such as these below:

– Quarterly events to attract the young generation
–  An introductory party each quarter for new 21-year-olds joining as members
– Helping the F&B, Marketing & Entertainment Committees

Currently, the YC has a one-year term and is open to applications from members under the age of 30 on an annual basis. The aim is to support and drive events and to increase the sports and social participation of younger members to encourage a continued sense of family traditions at our multi-generational club.

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