Since the age of 6 when I picked up my racquet for the first time, tennis was, still is and always will be the biggest passion in my life. The interesting thing is that already somewhere along the middle of my professional career I knew that I will stay deeply connected to the sport even after my playing days. Traveling all over the World and being spired by so many places that this wonderful sport has touched to myself that one day I will be a part of the pro creasing the quality of the full Tennis Experience. Bring joy to ever tennis player and adding to the tennis culture and ecosystem, if what primarily inspired me to start Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis only a couple of years ago, and so far, the journey was incredible.

We are delighted by the opportunity to begun and start a new beautiful tennis journey at Royal Bangkok Sports Club. It was a dream come true to expand our tennis operations on such a luxury property. Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis has partnered with Royal Bangkok Sports Club in order to offer – top class tennis lessons, clinics, social events and tennis experience. TLT aims to inspire and challenge players of all ages and abilities to improve their tennis game and enjoy their time on the court.

Our coaching team is the main strength of the company and a primary reason why we are constantly growing.

Our dream is to enhance the tennis experience on the court, and our ultimate goal is to make every player, regardless of their age and level, better.

Janko Tipsarevie