Club Activities

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On the morning of 24th September 2018, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club representatives attended the annual tribute and wreath laying ceremony at Wat Pathum Wanaram to lay a wreath at House of Mahidol Memorial in commemoration of the death of HRH Prince Mahidol of Songkhla.

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Merit Making Ceremony to Commemorate the Club's 117th Anniversary

On Thursday 6, September 2018, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club held a merit-making ceremony in occasion of the 117th anniversary of the Club. The rituals started at 8.00 AM, led by the Club's chairman, Maj. Pansuang Xumsai Na Ayudhya, the General Committee and Members, performed the spirits worhipping rituals at the Club's shrines with several offerings and garlands.

Then at 9.00 AM, the Buddist ceremony was held at the Committee Box. Nine monks from Wat Pathum Wanaram were invited to perform the ceremony, which included giving offerings dedicated to the monks by the General Committee and the Members, praying, and receiving blessings to ensure the prosperity of the Club