8 April 2022

The 8th RBSC Squash Youth Tournament

The 8th RBSC Squash Youth Tournament is a singles squash tournament which will be held at the RBSC Sports Club between Friday, 8th April – Sunday, 10th April 2022.

The Tournament is open to all residents of Thailand regardless of age or sex and will be conducted in accordance with the current World Squash Federation Rules. All matches will be played to the best of 5 games. Each game will be 11 points (running score.) Deuce at 10 all, winner must win by two points.

Players who wish to participate in this tournament are requested to complete the application form at Squash Courts custodian.

Application fee is Baht 200 per person.

Deadline for entry : Thursday, 31st March 2022

For applications or further inquiries, please contact RBSC Sports Section Call 02-028-7272 ext. 1302, 1309 or Email sasithon.l@rbsc.org, jirapa.c@rbsc.org