18 February 2022

Bridge Friendly Match RBSC VS BCCM

Members from The Royal Bangkok Sports Club were joined by The Bridge Club of Chiang Mai for friendly matches during 18th – 20th February 2022 at Horizon Village Resort, Chiang Mai. Winners from the Open Pairs Tournaments were awarded with prizes and at the end of the day, both clubs exchanged Club emblems to commemorate this joyous event.

Bridge Open Pairs Tournament Results – 18th February 2022

RBSC Winner: Khun Sunisa Vatanasuk and Khun Steve Ault
RBSC Runners-up: Admiral Prasert Boonsong and Khun Ngamchit Pongkiatikul
BCCM Winner: Daniel Thouvignon and Neil Robinson
BCCM Runners-up: Alan Saunders and Michael Macartha

Bridge Open Pairs Tournament Results – 19th February 2022

Winners: Khunying Chodchoy Sophonpanich and Khun Virat Chinmanas
1st Runners: Khun Chalikorn Suraphongchai and Khun Narumol Wiengwiset
2nd Runners: Khun Sunisa Vatanasuk and Khun Kobkul Abhakara