Back 11 September 2020

RBSC Polo Club Equestrian Section Extended Hours for Equestrian Activities

As the Club has closely monitored the situation of the African Horse Sickness (AHS) epidemic in Bangkok recently, steady decline has since led to zero horse deaths over a 90-day period, as of 12th September 2020. Based on this positive trend, the Club will now extend hours for normal activities e.g. riding for exercise, leading, lunging and/or visitng. Times will now be 08:00-18:00 hrs on Weekdays and 8:00-17:30 hrs on Weekends, effective as of 13th September 2020. For the safety of all horses, the Club reserves the right to adjust all days and times as appropriate to the ongoing situation.

We hope to receive continued cooperation from all members, horse owners, and designated representatives. Thanks for your understanding.

Club Management