Back 30 December 2020

Preventive Measures for COVID-19 at The Royal Bangkok Sports Club

Since the reopening of the Club in May 2020, the Club has implemented several preventive measures to ensure the safety and health of all members and staff. The Club has continued to maintain these safety standards and improve upon areas to facilitate Member’s access to services and areas within the Club.

The Club provides hand sanitizing dispensers throughout the Club at over 50 frequently-used points. Scheduled cleaning of public touch points such as restrooms, elevator buttons, staircase handrails, door handles, and physical fitness equipment, and frequent disinfection by ozone and spray in all outlets, banquet rooms, fitness, hall of fame, changing rooms, meeting rooms, and offices have been made.

Moreover, Anti-Microbial Copper Laminate Films were applied to elevator buttons to kill microbes and reduce the spread of diseases, and to facilitate temperature checks, thermal-imaging cameras were installed in place of handheld thermal scanners.