Back 22 April 2021

NOTICE : Extending Membership Card Expiration Date

The Club wishes to inform you that Members whose RFID Membership Cards expire in 2021 will be given another 1-year extension of the card expiry date (with some exceptions* – see below). This is to allow for safety and flexibility in the normal renewal process granted the unpredictable COVID-19 situation. Your membership cards can continue to be used at payment and tapping points at the Club as usual (subject to the condition of RFID chips).

The Membership Services Department will continue to process card renewals during operating hours for those wanting to update their picture and contact details, and to be issued a new membership card. At that time, you may also register for our new face recognition system, which will soon make certain access and application points more efficient and seamless.

Thank you for your kind attention.

*Exceptions to Expiry Date Extension: