Back 7 April 2021

Announcement: Covid-19 No Guest Policy & Club’s Key Contact Person

The unfolding Covid situation in a number of areas within Bangkok continues to be tracked and monitored by the BMA, wherein the Club upholds their guidelines in terms of health safety prevention measures on a daily basis. As several cases continue to surface outside of the Club, we hereby revert to a No Guest Policy effective 8th of April until further notice for Dining and Events.

We continue to ask all members to adhere to strict self-discipline and increased awareness for the greater safety and good of the club. We thank you for your conscious effort to protect our community.

Furthermore, below we provide a key contact person from the Club for direct member communication in all matters regarding Covid for questions, issues and/or reports.

What & When to Report?

– Confirmed cases in a building of residence or building of employment for anyone in your household.

– Confirmed case within your personal network, including family, friends and acquaintances (someone you had contact with in the last 14 days).

– Confirmed case that you may have been exposed to, as indicated by the Thai Chana App.

Report to Who?

COVID-19 Response Manager:
Khun Parena Neovakul
Phone: 02 105 4815
Club Line OA: @RBSC