Back 4 February 2022


To ensure the safety of all members and staff, the Club has implemented a 3-time ATK-Testing per week for salaried & non-salaried staff of both RBSC & Polo Club for the past 3 weeks starting from 17th January 2022, with confirmed extension of a 2-time testing per week to 18th February 2022.

Through these safety measures and collective effort, the Club was able to identify 14 non-salaried staff and 4 salaried staff who tested positive from the combined total of over 900 staff at both Clubs. The Club has been able to prevent further spreading and identify areas of contamination in order to disinfect and keep the Club COVID-free for member and staff safety.

The Club strives towards providing a clean and safe environment for all members and will continually adapt to the ever-changing situation in order to provide the highest standards of service to our members.