Back 5 May 2021

Clarification on Club Closure

Following the recent announcement of our clubs temporarily closure, we would like to clarify the reasoning that led to this decision.

The club has decided to take a proactive approach to protect members and staff from any high risk linked with the recent clusters surrounding the clubs and the high number of our staff who reside in close proximity.

While the clubs are closed, we have reverted to a Work From Home approach and asked all staff to stay home and monitor themselves for any symptoms, while our plan for testing staff for COVID-19 is being planned and finalized.

The club’s intention is to provide a safe and healthy environment to its members, we will continue monitoring the situation and hope to open the club as soon as it is deemed clear and safe for both members and staff.

We would like to thank all members for their understanding and cooperation during this pandemic. As there has been a lot of misinformation being circulated, always seek direct information from the club to get the most updated developments. Please follow us on our official channels below:


Facebook: The Royal Bangkok Sports Club