Back 9 April 2021

Announcement: Closure of Facilities After Members With Covid-19 Visited the Club

The Club has received information on Club members who have contracted COVID and visited the club. The following facilities will be CLOSED for disinfection during 10th – 12th April 2021 and will be reopened on 13th April 2021.

  1. RBSC Tennis hard courts, center courts, grass courts and facilities
  2. RBSC Physical Fitness Rooms – 3rd and 4th floor
  3. RBSC Polo Club Tennis (all courts)
  4. The RBSC Sports pavilion -2nd floor (whole floor)

Members who appeared in the following facilities during the given date and time must inform Khun Parena Neovakul at 080 163 4578 or 02 105 4815 or LINE @RBSC immediately, avoid visiting the Club and observe key symptoms.

  1. RBSC Tennis hard courts – 5th April 2021 (12 noon – 1 p.m.)
  2. The RBSC Royal Pavilion – 2nd floor – 1st April 2021 (3 p.m. – 11 p.m.)
  3. RBSC Physical Fitness Rooms – 3rd and 4th floor – 4th April 2021 (4 p.m. – 5 p.m.)

Furthermore, the Club has thus undertaken urgent measures as follows:

  1. All the above facilities have been disinfected by ozone treatment and organic spray
  2. The club expands proactive screening measures carried out for all staff who came in close contact with the cases. The results of their COVID tests will be announced as soon as they become available.
  3. Club Management has contacted all other individuals at risk to undergo a screening process and self-quarantine measures.
  4. Club Management has informed the Pathumwan District office for appropriate guidelines and to inspect the area.
  5. Entrance/Exit at main screening points only. Alternative entrances, such as RBSC 2nd floor parking deck flap gate is closed until further notice.

We continue to ask that all members adhere to strict self-discipline and increased awareness for the greater safety and good of the club.

Please follow further developments and updates from the Club via and LINE @RBSC to stay informed and thank you for your conscious effort to protect our community.