The Royal Bangkok Sports Club was founded more than a century ago by the historic 1901 Charter. The Club has a mission that has been established since the Club’s inception: to collaborate with the world class academy, to provide our members the most exclusive sport activities. The Club is extremely proud to present an exciting new journey with Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis (TLT), the world class luxury tennis academy in October 2022.

We are pleased to announce that The Royal Bangkok Sports Club has partnered with Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis (TLT), the World’s greatest tennis coaching by Janko Tipsarevic the World number 8. Janko has designed a program that all his coaches rely on. He is determined to improve the overall quality of the tennis experience and to establish a wonderful tennis culture that encourages all to learn tennis as a group lesson to create the best tennis community and tennis ecosystem for all the young and adult members.

Tipsarevic Luxury Tennis (TLT) are now proposed a one-of-a-kind tennis experience for the members who are interested in experience the world’s best tennis coaching, group lesson, clinics, social events, tournaments and after school program. TLT aims to inspire and challenge players of all ages and abilities to improve their tennis games and enjoy their time on the court with the best coaching team that is the main strength of the company.

We are certain this partnership would benefit and encourage our members to have great times while improving the tennis skills. The Club is very excited to show our members the exclusive tennis activities with TLT.