RBSC Polo Club: Asian Specialties for the Summer

March – April 2021

For the summer, we are bringing specialties from different Thai
regions and Asian countries to your table at the Club!

To start with, let’s taste two traditional appetizers which are not
easy to find, Shrimp Salad with Thai Herb Sauce (Saeng Wa Goong),
and Spicy Young Turmeric Salad. When it comes to main dishes,
one special is a traditional plate of Pork Cartilage Seasoned with
Fermented Shrimp Paste and Chilli Sauce (Kaeng Ranjuan). Others
are Stir-Fried Acacia Pennata, Shrimps with Shrimp Paste, and Stir-
Fried Stinky Vegetables. We recommend to enjoy these main dishes
with hot jasmine rice, and perhaps a side-order of the recommend
Chicken Karaage if you’re feeling especially hungry.

If you like to finish your meal with a cooling dessert to help balance
the hot and spicy flavours, please try Grass Jelly and Japanese
Pudding. If you prefer sweet beverages however, you can choose
your preference from coffee, chocolate, green tea, Thai tea and pink
milk and enjoy it with the addition of Grass Jelly and Caramel.