RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat

Welcome to RAKxa, Thailand’s fully integrative Wellness and medical retreat

RAKxa is a new approach to wellness, a bespoke method that meets every unique individual’s need. Established to empower the highly motivated and health conscious by treating the body as a whole and unearthing the root cause of imbalance. With the gentle kindness and unique touch of traditional Thai hospitality, we are a welcome sanctuary amidst a verdant tropical landscape, ready to return you to your optimal self. The visionary approach from our healing specialists and certified doctors creates a truly transformative experience through the combination of ancient holistic treatments with cutting-edge technology. World-class medical doctors from the internationally accredited Bumrungrad International Hospital and experts of time-honoured healing disciplines bring science and tradition together to unveil the story of your health. The physical, mental and emotional are synergized into a programme designed to bring the mind, body and spirit.

All-inclusive package at Baht 60,000 net for single / Baht 56,000 net for double guests. Price per guest per package per night, inclusive of:





Validity Period : Until 28th February 2021
Tel : 02 055 3100
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